Brew Review – Daytona Dirty Blonde by Persimmon Hollow

The word ‘Daytona’ brings up one of two things, really. One is the Spring Break mecca Daytona Beach. The other is NASCAR.


NASCAR was created by the late Bill France Sr., a car mechanic that traveled from D.C. to Daytona Beach to escape troubles from the Great Depression. He saw the need to officially sanction the auto races that had become common on Daytona Beach to protect the interests of drivers and the sport. The official NASCAR headquarters, as well as its marquee race, are still in Daytona Beach to this day.

Daytona Beach itself is culturally significant as a continued mecca for spring breakers in the U.S. There’s also a significant motorbike following with a few events every year, plus the NASCAR races throughout the year. Geographically, it’s about an hour east of Orlando, on the Atlantic Ocean.

Nearby is DeLand, the home of Persimmon Hollow Brewing. Founders (and musicians) Andy Sistrunk and Robbie Carelli opened their dream brewery in the growing arts district of this sleepy little hamlet. Business is going well, and now some of their core beers are being canned and distributed.

One of their most popular is Daytona Dirty Blonde (Blonde Ale, 6.5% ABV), which clearly celebrates both of the major aspects of nearby Daytona.


Daytona Dirty Blonde can design

Yes, that celebration is on the can design. The beach is readily recognizable, complete with bikini-laden blonde, but look closer. There’s a lot more auto racing on the can than you may think.

At least it was for me. The more I looked at the can, the more I saw. It’s an excellent design.


Daytona Dirty Blonde Ale by Persimmon Hollow Brewing

As for the brew, it’s an easy to drink, simple, no frills beer. And it will be perfect for those that have been bogged down with macro beers for way too long.

It has a moderate maltiness, with just a touch of sweetness that lingers, but not too heavily. Hops are the same thing: it’s got a noticeable bite, but nothing too heavy. It’s just a noticeable touch of herbal spice that accentuates the flavor without being oppressive.

There also feels to be a fair amount of carbing to the beer, and it sort of dances on the tongue. That’s particularly enjoyable, especially with the light malt and hop flavors.

In all, this was my first beer from Volusia County, and I’m always excited to see new Florida breweries open, grow, and distribute their beers.

And it’s a lot better than having to imagine the ghost of Bill France in a bikini.

Drink Florida Craft,



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