Brew Review – Battlecat Kentucky Common by J. Wakefield Brewing

Let’s start with the double irony that the Kentucky Common is 1) not very common anymore, and 2) first available to me in Miami.

First, the beer school. The Kentucky Common was a style of beer especially popular around Lexington, KY before prohibition. The grain bill tended to be more similar to making a bourbon than a beer, with a large portion of the malt coming from corn.


Pictured: Stereotype.

Kentucky Commons were generally soured, either by yeast or by sour mashing (the latter has been all but disproven). Fermentation was very short (3 to 4 days), resulting in a beer that was quick to make, cheap, sweeter than standard beer, and very, very popular.

Mat, the Social Media manager, tap room guru, and tall, bearded Jedi Knight of J. Wakefield Brewing said they decided to brew a Kentucky Common in an effort to revive some ‘old skool’ styles and educate their public on some lesser known beers.

Thus, the Kentucky Common they call Battlecat (Sour Brown Ale, 5.6% ABV) was born. There’s nothing inherently Kentucky about the name; Battlecat was He-Man’s feline mount in the old cartoon series.


Battlecat Kentucky Common by J. Wakefield

And I can almost guarantee you’re not prepared for the flavor. I was about to be nervous about saying that it tastes like an Arnold Palmer, until Matt used those exact words as well.

True to style, the sweet malt is what’s really king here. Very sweet, slightly bready, and only a hint of a roasted malt flavor. The color got most of the benefits of the roast, with the beer having a deep, deep orange-red-brown color.

The lemon tartness is the most prominent factor in the beer, though. It’s unmistakeable and unavoidable. Slightly tart, slightly sour, and very refreshing.

So I must say thank you to J. Wakefield for the introduction to a newly discovered style. Keep it up!

Drink Florida Craft,



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