Brew Review – Caffe Americano Double Stout by Cigar City

#teamcoffeebeer is becoming a thing, at least if my bud Joel at Due South has anything to do with it. And why not?

Dark, flavorful, wonderfully roasted coffee goes exceptionally well with robust, deep malty beers such as porters and stouts. And now golden coffee beers are becoming a thing, adding coffee to blonde ales and such. I’m sure someone somewhere is making a coffee IPA.

But Cigar City decided recently to step the game up just a bit further with their coffee beer Caffe Americano Double Stout (Imperial Stout, 9.2% ABV).


What was so remarkable was how strong it is, but not for what you may think. It’s big, but it’s drinkable. It’s not a brutal ‘dare you to drink be’ excessiveness, but something that is very approachable but still aggressive.

The coffee has a lot to do with that. It’s got a wonderfully deep roasted espresso flavor without a trace of harsh coffee bitterness.

There are additions of cocoa and vanilla, which serve to make a creamy sweet addition to the beer. Instead of accentuating the beautifully deep, almost pastry quality of the malt, those adjuncts amplified the coffee. They give the espresso flavors a lot of depth, at once highlighting the boldness of the flavors, but making sure they don’t get too high.

Pretty much everyone is doing at least one coffee beer these days. It’s nice that Cigar City released a beer that doesn’t just treat the coffee as another addition, but as an integral part of the beer to be highlighted.

And celebrated by #teamcoffeebeer, apparently.

Drink Florida Craft,



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