Brew Review – Golden Strong by Black Point Brewing

One of the frankly unexpected bonuses from being a beer blogger is when people come to me asking for me to try their brews. It’s quite the honor to receive recognition like this.

One such person is Luis Suarez from Black Point Brewing. I’ve spoken about him before, and he swung by to drop off a bottle of his newest creation, the simply titled Golden Strong (Belgian Strong, 9% ABV, 30 IBU).

I’ve been lucky to try a good many of Luis’ beers, and I may have to say this is my favorite.

It’s got a wonderful biscuity maltiness that is sweet and just a touch fruity. the aroma carries a lot of that as well, but without some of the funk noted in other Belgian-style beers.

But boy, is it strong. There’s just no way to get away from that. Just from opening the bottle it was evident that this was a high-octane beer, and there was the slightest hint of an alcoholic burn. Didn’t last long, and the malt tended to overpower it quickly, but it lets you know this is not a beer to session.

I’m looking forward to him continuing his brewing career. He’s got a lot of homebrewing competitions coming up, but I won’t wish him luck.

He won’t need it.

Drink Florida Craft,



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