Statewide Toast on Florida Craft Beer Day, Feb. 15th at 7 PM! #floridacraftbeerday

Okay, so here are a few updates on Florida Craft Beer Day:


Thanks to Donnie Gallagher at Brewmasters Club, Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn will be signing a special proclamation that day in the offices of Swope Rodante, the law firm whose offices are in the old Florida Brewing Co. building!

Our petition to have the eveny officially recognized by the Florida State Legislature is going strong. Feel free to sign and push the petition to your friends! All of this and more is at

Finally, our big centerpiece moment will be a statewide toast at 7 PM on Monday, Feb. 15th.

Wherever you are (home, brewery, bottle shop, bar, etc.), raise your glasses and post pictures and video to social media with the tag #floridacraftbeerday.

Thank you, and long live Florida Craft Beer!

Drink Florida Craft,

Thank you for all of your assistance!

David Butler


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