Beer Trade from Alabama

Some time ago, I was approached by Instagram user Not_a_unicorn. Apparently he lives in Alabama, and wanted to try a few of the Miami Brewing beers I sampled at The BB&T Center.

Long story short, he got a nice selection of 12 Florida beers (plus one of my homebrews), and I recieved this lovely assorrment of beer from accross the state of Alabama:


I know it’s not Florida beer, but I got it as a part of the blog, so I’m going to review them all. Here goes…

The Beers:

Blue Pants Brewery’s Weedy’s Double Knee (Double IPA, 8.7% ABV) – Big, strong, and massively hoppy. Insanely rich and strong. By, like, a lot.

Singin’ River’s Handy’s Gold (Blonde Ale, 4.9% ABV, 24 IBU) – A good, solid, slightly hoppy blonde. Immensely sessionable and quite tasty.

Cahaba Brewing’s American Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale, 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU) – It’s a clean drinking, moderately malty blonde ale. Wonderfully classic and excellently brewed.

Straight to Ale’s Brother Joseph’s Dubbel (Dubbel, 8% ABV, 20 IBU) – Wonderful. Nice and sweet, with a massive kick to it.

Straight to Ale’s Sand Island Light House (Kolsch, 5.1% ABV, 25 IBU) – A solid, slightly fruity, beer. It’s what Corona can only dream of being.

Back Forty Beer Co.’s Naked Pig Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 6% ABV, 43 IBU) – Good solid pale that tends to get very bitter as it warms. Only 43 IBU? That seems low.

Back Forty Beer Co.’s Truck Stop Honey Brown (Brown Ale, 6% ABV, 14 IBU) – Really sweet. But it’s not a honey sweet so much as it is like a lighter version of an overly malty winter warmer. It definitely tastes like it should be higher in alcohol content than it is.

Yellowhammer Brewing’s Rebellion Red Ale (Red Ale) – Excellent balance between malt and hops. They have their own house yeast strain, and that gives this beer a great kick.

Good People Brewing’s IPA (IPA, 7.1% ABV, 75 IBU) – It’s got a nice amount of hop spiciness, but it’s actually not that bad in terms of bitterness. I’m not a big IPA person, but I could drink this. And if it makes it to Florida, it will be very, very popular.

Good People Brewing’s Brown Ale (Brown Ale, 5.4% ABV, 31 IBU) -It’s a classic brown ale, but just a touch more hops. It’s a little bit more bitter than some other browns.

Good People Brewing’s Snake Handler Double IPA (Imperial IPA, 10% ABV, 100 IBU) – Good god, insane amounts of heavy citrus hop bitterness.

Good People Brewing’s Coffee Oatmeal Stout (Stout, 6% ABV, 34 IBU) – The hops are noticeable the moment you open the can. They tend to overpower what could be a rich and smooth coffee porter.

Okay, I’m still sticking with my Florida beer. But maybe it can be good to go outside the state every once in a while, you know?

Drink Craft Beer from Everywhere (but mostly Florida)


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