Brew Review – Americana by Barley Mow

The great thing about craft beer is when a brewery can take a standard style and effortlessly make something more flavorful and higher quality than the same style that Big Macro churns out year after year.

Take Largo’s Barley Mow, for example. One of their core beers is a golden ale, something beer drinkers across the country have seen time and time again.

Only they do it right. And, as a nice little dig to the now foreign-owned Big Macros, it’s called Americana Golden Ale (Golden Ale, 4.8% ABV).

You know what you’re getting and it’s worth it. There’s a beautifully bright golden color to the beer with a fluffy white head and an aroma reminiscent of slight citrus flavors.

The taste starts with a great, deep wave of light malt and slight bitterness. It’s crisp and somewhat sweet, but not overwhelming. The malt character brings a touch of bready lightness, and it is well controlled by a good amount of hop bitterness.

When that passes, a moderate amount of hop flavors remain, mostly citrus with a good earthy undertone also present. In short, everything Big Macro isn’t.

Americana is a good reminder of everything quality craft beer can be. All I need to do is get some more.

Drink Florida Craft,



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