Brew Review – Tropical Disturbance by Swamphead Brewery

Stupid Florida weather.

So it’s been cold, it’s been warm, it’s been rainy, it’s just been weird. And we have hurricane season to look forward to, as well.

‘Hurricane’ is a word that has a lot of connotations for Floridians, both positive and negative. And really, it’s the stage of hurricane you get that depends how you feel about them. Too weak and you still have to go to work, but too strong and bad things happen.

And if it’s too weak, it’s not a hurricane at all. You enter the levels of Tropical, and the 1st stage of those (where all hurricanes come from) is a Tropical Disturbance. Winds are below 23 MPH, and there’s little rotation. Mostly a lot of thunderstorms.

And a great name for a big beer, according to Gainesville’s Swamphead Brewery. One of their many, many bombers is the aforementioned Tropical Disturbance (Imperial IPA, 8.7% ABV).


Tropical Disturbance by Swamphead

What’s remarkable is how brutally hoppy this beer isn’t. It’s hoppy, that can’t be denied, but it’s softer and very floral. It’s a well-crafted, expertly balanced bitterness that accentuates the earthy notes in the hops used, rather than being a citrusy all-out assault on taste buds.

It’s got a wonderful golden color. This beer also blossoms into a herbaceous bouquet of hops when you pour it out. There’s a lot to enjoy from this brew.

There’s apparently a lot of room for treatments with this beer, since Swamphead likes to do a lot of fruit treatments with the beer. Plum, kiwi, they tend to go a little interesting with it.

Just don’t let it get too strong.

Drink Florida Craft,



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