Not Brew Review – Brewers Series Rum by Wicked Dolphin and Cigar City @wickeddolphin @cigarcitybrew

I think I’ve said this a few times, but when it comes to spirits, my favorite is by and large rum.

I also manage to live in the perfect state for that, since there are a good amount of run distilleries in Florida. Those rum distilleries have a deliciously symbiotic relationship with craft breweries, selling their used rum barrels to breweries for them to age their beers in.

But I’ve never heard of a brewery giving the barrel back to the distillery for further aging. That’s novel.

And that’s just what Wicked Dolphin in Cape Coral did with Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing.


Here’s how it went down: Wicked dolphin ages their rum in 3 year old bourbon barrels. that golden rum is aged for two years.

The barrels were then transferred to Cigar City to make Da Un Beso a la Bottela, a cacao-laced stout that spent 10 months aging before being distributed to their VIP El Catador Club.

The barrels were then given back to Wicked Dolphin to age a rum for one year. That rum is the first in Wicked Dolphin’s Brewer’s Series.


My bottle of Brewers Series

According to Wicked Dolphin’s owner JoAnn Elardo, the partnership was a natural fit for the company. “A lot of the team was brewing beer well before distilling rum,” she says. “What better way to start that with one of the premier breweries in Florida.”

I agree. The rum has so much depth and creativity that it’s hard to know where to start. Wicked Dolphin’s rums are fantastic to begin with. They’re light, moderately sweet, with almost no harshness. They have a velvety smoothness and little to no alcohol burn.


Light golden color and fantastic flavor.

But with this first entry in their Brewer’s Series, they’ve hit a new level of yummy. Apart from the traditional oak and vanilla flavors you can expect from their golden rums, there’s a good amount of dark, roasted malt and light plum & raisin notes left over from the stout aging.

It’s got an incredible feel and flavor, to experience the dark rich malt of a stout, but along with the lightness and soft mouthfeel from a well-crafted rum.

Plus, it’s a great mixer. My wife had nothing but high praise for the rum mixed with cola. Me, I’m more of a straight drinker, with a little ice. You really can’t go wrong.

Wicked Dolphin also released the following graphics if you’re interested in trying it for yourself:


According to the press release, this is the first in a series, and the second rum is already in production with, and I quote, “a Southern Florida brewery.”

I really can’t wait…

Drink Florida Craft,



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