Brew Review – Captain Ron by 26 Degree Brewing

I am going to hope this beer wasn’t named after the frighteningly forgettable movie of the same name released by Disney in the early 90’s.

That being said, it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to write about Pompano Beach’s 26 Degree Brewing. And when I wrote about them, it was kind of in the middle of a large and lengthy beer festival. 

So it’s time to focus in on one of their beers and revisit it. And for this, I decided to grab one of their core beers in one of my favorite styles: Captain Ron (Hefeweizen, 5.6% ABV).


Captain Ron by 26 Degree Brewing

I remember 26 Degree’s head Greg Lieberman telling me he got some pushback about having “another hefeweizen” on his tap list. 

To them I say hush. This is a good, classic, almost pale hefeweizen. It doesn’t rely on overly fruity esters to get the job done. Instead, the tropical notes are more of a light touch, readily identifiable yet never overbearing. 

It’s an incredibly refreshing beer, and is worth the drive to Pompano Beach or wherever you can find it in South Florida (since 26 Degree is in distribution now!). 

And I promise you, no more bad Disney movies.

Drink Florida Craft,



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