Brew Review – Quackelope IPA by Barley Mow Brewing

The jackalope is a mythical being that is said to hunt in the wilds of North America with its lightning-quick reflexes and razor-sharp horns.

Mostly because it’s a taxidermied jackrabbit with fake antlers glued on its head, because what else are you going to do if you’re a taxidermist and you have time on your hands?

But the jackelope is not known well to us here in Florida. Here, we must deal with the fearsome Quackalope, a golden-feathered monster who hunts in the night with a viciousness unmatched by man or beast. 

And it’s a duck. 

A duck with antlers on it’s head. 

It’s a duck. With antlers. On its head. 

What is going on in Largo? 

I say Largo because its Largo-based Barley Mow Brewing that has unleashed upon beer drinkers in Florida Quackalope (IPA, 6.8% ABV), named for this fearsome creature. Which is still a duck with antlers on its head. 


Quackelope IPA by Barley Mow Brewing

What’s making me happy is to see so many IPAs coming out of Florida that are less interested in brutality and more interested in creating a smooth, well-balanced drinking experience. 

Quackalope is a great example. For sure, hops are front and center with this, with a big floral bouquet on the nose that gives way to a full and robust earthy hop character. They’re more resiny than juicy, and nicely complex.

The malt comes in quite nicely to this beer. It’s not overly sweet or biscuity in nature, but it brings just enough mild breadiness to the flavor of the beer to cut back on some of the overly bitter character of the hops. 

They aren’t evident in the nose of the beer, though. The floral hops win out there. But with a beer this fragrant and perfectly executed, it won’t be missed. It’s a great beer and expertly crafted enough to where there aren’t flaws to nit pick. 

Like a duck. With antlers. On its head. 

Drink Florida Craft,



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