Brew Review – Stout by Hollywood Brewing Co.

What’s interesting is Hollywood Brewing Company, or its new iteration thereof, is the first brewery I’ve ever seen that has billboards on the Interstate. 

I’m on I-95 a lot, and every other day I see one of the southbound digital billboards with one of the many ads that HBC is taking out, advertising either the packaged beers you can find popping up all over South Florida, or their still-rockin’ brewpub on Hollywood Beach. 

They’re everywhere. And they’re even in some unlikely places, such as airports. That’s where I was able to get this lovely pint of Stout (Stout, 6.5% ABV), served in a hefeweizen glass, no less. 


Stout by Hollywood Brewing Co.

I will say, it’s a stronger, more pronounced stout than many other Florida stouts I’ve tried. Unless they have the prefix ‘Imperial’ attached, many Florida stouts tend to feel a lot like porters. 

Not so from Hollywood, my friends. This is a stout, plain and simple. It’s got a strong, pronounced malt bill with a bold, deep roasted coffee and molasses character, with light notes of chicory and char. 

Hop-wise, there’s a big herbal quality in the stout. It’s biting, but does not have any heavy citrus aromas or flavors, thankfully. What it does do, however, is amplify the giant dark qualities of the malt to make the beer incredibly flavorful and definitely not for the weak. 

Then again, if you want an easy, simple beer, why exactly would you go for a stout? Even if it is on the beach.

Drink Florida Craft,



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