Brew Review – Deja Vu by Saint Somewhere & Cigar City

Saint Somewhere is somewhat of an anomaly in Florida beer, using wild yeasts and funky flavor combinations to produce incredibly bright and flavorful Belgian-esque beers. No cans, Saint Somewhere is only found in what is essentially champagne bottles.

Cigar City is well known, well regarded, and pretty well blankets the state. they’re also known for their collaborations, which they do a lot of. A lot.

One of those collaborations saw Saint Somewhere and Cigar City joining forces for a special beer by the name of Deja Vu (Sour Ale, 6% ABV).


Deja Vu by Saint Somewhere and Cigar City

But to get there, I have to talk about the label for a second.

One of the things that Bob Sylvester, owner and brewmaster for Saint Somewhere, always does for his bottle designs is to use vintage Florida postcards as artwork. They’re really gorgeous and worth the price of the bottle alone.

As I was drinking the beer last night, I took a picture of the label to load on to Social Media. Right before I wrote a caption, the image of the woman on the left sort of captured me. Namely, the face.


Look... look...

I don’t think that was part of the original artwork. Looking closer, it’s actually the same artwork for Pays Du Soleil, but with several Photoshopped faces on there. It’s a little terrifying.

Since Bob is so good and active on social media, a slightly confused caption on an errant tweet became the answer to exactly who is on the label. Starting from the top left and going clock-wise, there’s Cigar City brewmaster Wayne Wambles, Saint Somewhere brewmaster Bob Sylvester, Cigar City Vice President Justin Clark, Cigar City owner Joey Redner, and Saint Somewhere co-owner Anne Sylvester.

Beyond that, there’s really only one other thing to talk about, which is the beer. It’s listed as a sour farmhouse ale.

Overarching emphasis on the word sour. By, like, a lot. Tongue-blisteringly sour. My mouth is still watering as i write these words.

It’s not quite as overly fizzy and carbonated as some other more wild beers they’ve made, but there sure is a wild, unrestrained Brettanomyces funk that makes the beer pop with a sweet, tart character that is insane.

To be sure, fruity flavors are present and delicious and sweet. The beer also tends to be a bit smoother softer than the majority of farmhouse ales I’ve tried. But that sourness really tends to be the first thing you notice. It’s really huge. I loved it.

Bob is releasing more and more beers, all with wild yeasts, all intensely flavored, all in big champagne bottles.

But the labels are a good deal less creepy.

Drink Florida Craft,



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