Brew Review – McOdin’s Irish Style Red Ale by Bangin Banjo Brewing

As much as I love my Florida breweries, I just have something against putting green food coloring into beer for St. Patrick’s Day. There’s just something artificial about the whole practice.

Most of those breweries also brew pretty fantastic Irish stouts and Irish-inspired beers as well.  And while I don’t remember Pompano Beach’s Bangin’ Banjo Brewing breaking out the food coloring this year, they did the more classic thing with McOdin’s Revenge Irish Style Red Ale (Red Ale, 5% ABV).


McOdin's Irish Style Red Ale by Bangin Banjo Brewing

Yes, it’s a variation of their year-round Odin’s Revenge. That’s a good thing, as this Belgian red is one of my favorite brews from Adam Feingold and company.

Interestingly enough, Adam was there when I came by (I’m pretty sure he just sleeps of the sacks of malt) to recommend I take a quaff of this delicious beverage.

He also let me know that the beer is basically Odin’s Revenge, with the slight change of pulling off some of the beer and pitching it with an Irish yeast. That was an interesting choice, and it yielded some good results.

The Belgian red ale is sweet anyway, but the Irish yeast brought a floral, herbaceous, and almost mossy quality to the beer, which cuts a bit of the sweetness away to delicious effect.

Hops are quiet and low, bready quality is present but not strong, and carbonation high, keeping in lockstep with a good Belgian beer. It was a small change, but it yielded a good result and made a good beer better, if only for a holiday.

And it sure beats food coloring.

Drink Florida Craft,



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