Brew Review – Que Quat Berliner Weisse by Concrete Beach

Many of you know that Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery will, on occasion, hold a contest where beer drinkers are invited to submit recipes for beers. One of those recipes are selected, and the winner gets to brew that recipe of Concrete Beach’s gorgeous system.

While nothing may match the sheer majesty and breathtaking glory of the first winning beer (just saying), Ft. Lauderdale resident Will Isaacson won with his submission of a whiskey-soaked kumquat sour ale.

The whiskey barrel aging may not have happened immediately, but the rest of the beer is ready to go in CBB’s Wynwood social hall as Que Quat (Berliner Weisse, 3.5% ABV).


Que Quat Berliner Weisse by Concrete Beach Brewing

As a Berliner Weisse, it’s not face-meltingly sour. It’s relaxed, a soft beer that is tart enough to be indicative of the style but doesn’t feel artificial. Light carbing and a small amount of malt sweetness help to round the base flavor. 

The kumquats came from Kumquat Growers from Miami-Dade County, giving them a fresh source of these tiny little nuggets of juicy goodness. There’s an additional mild-tartness the fruit brings to the beer, almost jelly-like but not sugary.

Que Quat is a wonderful exercise in moderating flavors that could have easily and ill-advisedly been taken to a comical extreme. Instead, former head brewer Chris McGrath kept Will’s flavors moderate and makes them quite refreshing.

Hopefully we can get that whiskey barrel-aged one soon.

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