Miami Rum Renaissance Festival coming April 15-17 @robsrumguide

The rum is coming.

The importance of this spirit will be on display on April 15th through 17th, when Miami will one again host the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. This festival will bring an impressive of rum producers, purchasers, and enthusiasts for 3 days of conferences, seminars, competitions, tiki mugs, and (of course) rum.


“The Rum Renaissance Festival is a great way to see and meet some of the biggest rum producers in the world as well as the up and coming stars of the industry,” said Joe Durkin, master distiller and co-owner at South Florida Distillers, the makers of FWAYGO rum.


The buzz surrounding rum, especially Florida-based rum, is starting to grow. Distillers are starting to appear throughout the state, and many of these distillers are located mere minutes where their supplies of sugar cane are grown and harvested.

“People are looking for a different taste not a commercial taste, but something with a good story – how it’s made and better ingredients” says JoAnn Elardo, owner of Cape Coral’s Wicked Dolphin.

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival is hosted by Robert, along with his wife and son, Rob the Rum Scout.


The Burr Family.

“The Burr family has taken it upon themselves to help the little distilleries tell their stories,” according to Avi Aisenberg, CEO and co-owner of South Florida Distilleries. “They’re cutting through the noise created by some of the larger brands and distillers and we are thankful for it each and every day.”

“The growth and steady progress of Florida distilleries is notable and desirable for rum enthusiasts throughout the region,” said Robert Burr in an online interview. “New distilleries are coming online every month. Florida is home to a mature and thriving sugar cane industry, so it only makes sense that we should also produce fine rums from this natural resource. We’ve been surprised and delighted with the products we’ve seen in the marketplace in the past five years, and we’re optimistic that Florida distillers will continue to impress rum lovers with their offerings.”

Over 100 rums will be showcased at the event, including Florida distilleries including South Florida Distillers, Siesta Key, and Wicked Dolphin.

“Since starting Wicked Dolphin Rum,” says Elardo, “We have noticed a surge in Distilleries throughout the US, especially in Florida. People are looking for better ingredients and more flavorful Rums.”

There will be seminars all three days, including a seminar exclusively devoted to Florida Rum hosted by Rum Scout Rob on Sunday at 4 PM.

There is also a blind rum judging from participating distilleries. “The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival summons all of the best rum makers from around the world and evens the playing field during the blind taste testing.” says Aisenberg. “Marketing budgets and production capacities are thrown to the wind, truly allowing the Rums to be judged for the quality of the spirits inside the bottles.”

VIP tickets for all three days are $100; general admission tickets for Sunday only are $50.

If you, go, make sure to talk to and support your local Florida craft distillers.

Drink Florida Craft,


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