Brew Review – Eastbound and Down by J. Wakefield & Evil Twin

John Wakefield loves his collaborations. Loves them. I can’t really understand how he can run his brewery and do the outreach necessary for some of the more exotic partnerships he does.

One of them was with Jeppe Jamit-Bjergso from Evil Twin Brewing. It originated in Denmark, and brews basically wherever they can (look up Gypsy Brewery).

It looks like he took a little swing down through Miami, and hooked up with John at J. Wakefield Brewing to brew one of the most inventive brews I’ve tasted in a long time, Eastbound and Down (Berliner Weisse, 7% ABV, 4 IBU). You need to listen to this because I didn’t completely believe it when I read about it myself.


Eastbound and Down by J. Wakefield & Evil Twin

So, for starters, it’s an Imperial Berliner, clocking in at an unheard of 7%. Berliners rarely go above 3.5%. It’s got a nicely sharp tang to it, with a mouthwateringly great bite.

From there, coffee and cocoa nibs were added. Coffee. And coca nibs. In a Berliner. Miracle of miracles, it was a great blend.

The coffee bitterness blends really, really well with the tartness from the Berliner, adding a murky meatiness that balances well on top of the fruity high notes from the yeast. It’s flavorful and bright.

And the chocolate? It just adds a mellow sweetness that doesn’t get lost in the fruity punch and coffee bitterness, but instead tends to stay perfectly balanced in the background, lingering on the palate the most after everything else has washed away.

Drink Florida Craft,



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