Brew Review – Treble Monker by 3 Daughters Brewing

Ah, the joys of a good Belgian.

Beer, a Belgian beer. It’s the mix of big malt flavors and funky yeast esters that are always such a big draw.

And what I find interesting is very few people tend to do anything with their Belgian beers, unlike, say, a porter. Every so often, however, you do get something like 3 Daughters Brewing recent Tampa Bay Beer Week release, Treble Monker (Tripel, 8.5% ABV).


Treble Monker by 3 Daughters

It’s a classic Belgian Tripel, with a big body and a nice, dancing carbonation. What I found interesting (and more than a bit delicious) is there’s a light caramel aftertaste to the beer, deep and rich.

The beer was aged in rum barrels, an early indicator of 3 Daughters’ building barrel aging program. That simple act brings a wonderous dimension to the beer, resplendent with dark fruit flavors of raisin and plum, a strong molasses undercurrent, and a light rum body.

It’s quite delicious, and should still be found in 22 oz. bombers at the brewery in St. Pete. Go, enjoy a good Belgian.

It’s good. Tell them I said so.

Drink Florida Craft,


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