Brew Review – Hazelnut Spread Porter by Brew Bus Brewing

It’s been a big few months for Brew Bus Brewing.

They just purchased fellow Tampa brewer Florida Ave. Brewing and are almost done moving production and facilities to their new home, which will be creatively titled the Brew Bus Terminal. 

Of course, for the time being, they’re still being contract brewed by Cigar City. While that is due to change in the near future, that’s the source of all of their cans and now bombers!

At least I haven’t seen them by me. The first bomber I’ve seen is their Hazelnut Spread Porter (Porter, 6.5% ABV).


Hazelnut Spread Porter by Brew Bus

Mind you, this is conceptually a very similar beer to what had been labeled Nutella Porter a few years ago. One guess as to why the name was changed…

There’s little head retention, and the aroma is heavy with nuts and coffee. Those notes of nuts mingle with a moderate with soft roasted notes of bread and a light chocolate undercurrent.

It’s nowhere near as sweet and dessert-like as the name might suggest. The namesake flavors are there and are delectable enough to be an enjoyable brew.

Without the possible copyright lawsuit, either. 

Drink Florida Craft,



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