Brew Review – Twisted Streams by SaltWater Brewery and Sailfish Brewing

I’m so sorry this post is so late. Unfortunately, this beer is all gone, kicked to the great tap room in the sky.

It could be revived in the future, maybe, I dunno. But we can reminisce about it together, the time SaltWater Brewery and Sailfish Brewing collaborated on a dry-hopped saison.

It’s not their first beer together, though. Last year, around the holidays, they did a peppermint milk stout called Santa Fish (I missed that one and I’m still kicking myself for it). Their head brewers, Dustin and Al, are pretty close.

Santa Fish was brewed at Sailfish’s Ft. Pierce brewery, so it was decided that this collaboration would be done at SaltWater’s facility in Delray Beach. Lo and behold, these two fishing-mad breweries came up with Twisted Streams (Saison, 5.3% ABV, 20 IBU).


Twisted Streams by SaltWater Brewery and Sailfish Brewing

Complex doesn’t really begin to describe it. Luckily, SaltWater’s Dustin Jeffers gave me the lowdown.

Dustin let me know that “Their head brewer, Al, and I were in Jacksonville for the Master Brewers conference and sitting in a lecture about whirlpool hopping techniques when we came up with the idea.  We decided to do a dry hopped saison with Citra.”

The yeast was a blend of SaltWater’s house Belgian yeast and Sailfish’s French saison yeast, “pulled from a saison he treated with heather, so some of the mint flavor came across” in the finished product.

Big additions of Citra in the whirlpool and dry hop  rounded out the flavor profile. It was a personal favorite of Dustin’s, and it was pretty easy to see why.

What I find interesting is how prominent the more floral aspects of the beer were. You would think that with two separate additions of Citra that the beer would be juicier, but no.

There’s a strong floral quality to the beer, earthy and herbaceous, no doubt helped along by the saison yeast with that heather undercurrent.

It’s a light, buoyant beer, very easy to drink and bursting with a lot of classic saison and Belgian flavors.

And it’s gone, too. Sorry about that. Knowing these two breweries, they’ll be doing more collaborations. I can’t guarantee there will be another visit to this beer, but one can hope.

Besides, i would want them to redo Santa Fish first.

Drink Florida Craft,



One thought on “Brew Review – Twisted Streams by SaltWater Brewery and Sailfish Brewing

  1. The French saison yeast from sailfish was actually from a saison with eucalyptus not heather. Heather was in a scotch wee heavy around the same time but didn’t make its way to the twisted streams that herbal minty taste comes from the giant pink eucalyptus tree at sailfish brewery. Awesome review by the way! Cheers.


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