Brew Review – Dry Hopped Series: Mosaic by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s 4-20.

I don’t schmoke. Not really a big deal to me.

And I know that many people like to talk at length about the scientific connection between hops and cannabis. Apparently it’s not as strong as I had previously thought, but I’ll take a good angle for a blog post wherever I can find it.

What is so cool in craft beer is that some breweries like to make beers that showcase specific hops. Due South in Boynton Beach is doing that with their Dry Hopped series of pale ales.

It’s the same pale, but they add copious amounts of a different hop in and around fermentation. Most are only on tap at the brewery, including their El Dorado hopping which I would desperately love to try.

Their canned variety which I was able to try was their Dry Hopped Series: Mosaic (Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV).


Dry Hopped Series by Due South

Mosaic tends to be a more floral, earthy sort of hop. That quality is allowed to come to the fore quite nicely in what is an otherwise unassuming pale ale. It’s perfect for a project like this.

There’s a moderate bitterness to the beer, but it isn’t harsh. It’s more floral and grounded. Malt flavors are kept quiet and low. Carbonation is a little peppy, and the beer tends to dance around on the tongue a bit.

It’s a great program, and I’d like to see how far Due South will take the program.

I also have a few hop requests, if anyone from Due South is listening…

Drink Florida Craft,



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