Brew Review – Cloud 9 & Red Rye from Twisted Trunk Brewing @twistedbeers

Well, well. Look who got a foeder?

Twisted Trunk, Palm Beach brewery and sister to long-standing Tequesta Brewing has a foeder (they use the French spelling on foudre) they are starting to use in some of their beers.

I just got the chance to try some of the beers they’ve been aging in this Big McLarge Huge oak barrel, and they are certainly having some fun with it:


Cloud 9 by Twisted Trunk

Cloud 9 (Saison, 5.8% ABV, 38 IBU) – Foeders/foudres tend to be used quite a bit for saisons, as the crisp, light flavors of the style tend to blend well with the light wood character the oak imparts.

This beer is a great, almost Chardonnay-esque character. There’s a little tangy, dark citrus bite that is followed up with a solid oak quality, with a dry finish that includes just the faintest touch of vanilla. Quite delicious.


Red Rye by Twisted Trunk

Red Rye (Red Ale, 7% ABV) – The beer itself has a wonderful blend of malt and hops, with a gorgeous red hue and a big floral nose. The rye malt is very, very faint.

Interestingly enough, the beer itself has a slight hop-esque bite coming from the aging. It’s ever so slight, but whereas the finish helped to accentuate the maturity of Cloud 9, it accentuated the hop bitterness in the Red Rye.

I love it when good breweries get new toys to play with. I’m not exactly sure how long the brewers at Trunk had theirs, but I’m happy to see it being put to good use.

No matter what spelling they use.

Drink Florida Craft,



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