Brew Review – Strawberry Cider by Accomplice Cider

The fact that Florida is getting its share of cideries is really making me happy.

They’re turning out a quality product, which is even better. Sure, apples aren’t exactly indigenous to the Sunshine State, but it doesn’t stop them from putting their own spin on the craft.

One of my local cideries, Accomplice Cider, is doing absolutely gangbusters with their brews. It’s been a little while since I’ve had their stuff, and i still haven’t been able to make it to their facility, but while I was at the recent edition of Baseball and Brews at Roger Dean Stadium, I got my hands on some Strawberry Cider (Cider, 6% ABV).


Once again, this is quintessentially Accomplice cider. They finish their brews nice and dry, not really apple juice sweet and definitely not syrupy at all.

The strawberry is definitely fresh. It gives a bright pink color and light tartness to the cider that is incredibly refreshing. It’s light, dry, with a nice little bite to it.

Can someone please tell me why I haven’t been able to go to their place yet?




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