Brew Review – Nut Squasher by Hourglass Brewing @hourglassbrew

Longwood isn’t exactly a name that many people are familiar with. It’s around 30 minutes north of Orlando, pretty well-to-do, and has been the home of The Hourglass Brewing since Brett Mason and Sky Conley opened in 2012.


In that time, they’ve grown from a tiny 3 BBL system and a tap room for around 12 people to a significantly larger 10 BBL system, barrel-aging program, and huge tap room covered with murals of famous movies incorporating (what else?) time travel.

Now they have bombers in distribution. This is interesting, since the only bombers I’ve ever seen them release have been tap room exclusives and I figured I was a little too far from them to get their stuff.

But I found it and I got it and I was able to enjoy a few pints of the interestingly titled Nut Squasher (Yam Beer, 8.5% ABV).


There are a lot of really good flavors at play in this beer. First of all, it’s a hearty brown ale, and kind of a red ale, too. They’re calling it an Autumnal Ale, and I simply haven’t heard of that before (newb powers activate!).

But it has a big malty backbone with strong flavors of bread, molasses, and even a faint echo of raisin and prune.

It has a very velvety mouthfeel and the slightest hint of squash-like flavor lurking in the back. Both of these are due to the addition, of all things, of butternut squash. Sure, it’s not possible to walk into a brewery in the fall and not see a pumpkin beer, but I just haven’t seen butternut squash used in a beer.

Not done yet. Next comes Brazil Nuts, bringing a slightly meaty, lightly vanilla quality that fits neatly with the rest of the rich flavors.

Not done yet. Then the entire thing is aged in Bourbon barrels.

When you’re finished, you get a big, creamy sort of beer that has a definite dark punch of bold and sweet flavors that is big on bite but also soft and smooth.

I guess it’s about time to head to Longwood to see what else they have to offer…

Drink Florida Craft,



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