Brew Review – Baltic Coffee Porter by Twisted Trunk Brewing

It is seriously all about the coffee beer.

Barrel aging is nice, I’m a big fan of sours, I’m not a big fan of the alcoholic sodas, but coffee beer is a massive juggernaut that I have absolutely no interest in stopping.

Let’s look at a solid coffee beer, such as Baltic Coffee Stout (Baltic Stout, 8.5% ABV) from Twisted Trunk.


Baltic Coffee Stout by Twisted Trunk

First, look at it. it’s got a gorgeous, inviting, dark brown hue. It practically screams rich with dark, wondrous flavors.

Then you smell it. Decadently dark, roasted malt aromas play around with a smooth, medium coffee bean smell, like a fresh brewed cop of excellent coffee. Good stuff, not the liquid burning some more popular coffee chains produce.

Tasting it is another level of awesome entirely. I particularly like Baltics since almost every one I’ve had seems to be just shy of being an Imperial Stout – Strong, but not oppressive. It’s still very much an approachable beer.

This is no exception. It’s go a lot of big flavors: dark bread, a tiny dusting of cocoa, and plenty of coffee flavors aided by the actual cold brew coffee in the beer, which isn’t bitter or brutal at all. It’s a light punch of quality coffee flavors, complex and expertly blended.

See? This is why coffee beers are so good. And I’m sure that brewers are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

Expect to see more.

Drink Florida Craft,



One thought on “Brew Review – Baltic Coffee Porter by Twisted Trunk Brewing

  1. I’d love to track that down up here in Nebraska. I’ve been meaning to post about the Jurata – Cigar City’s brew-out with, who was it, Green Flash? I don’t properly recall. If you like porters, check out my post about ’em: – nothing FL-centric per se, but that said, I’ve lived outside of FL for the whole time since I started blogging about beer. Tampa used to be home!



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