Brew Review – Girl Stout by Orlando Brewing @orlandobrewing

So here’s my gripe: If you work in a beer bar, and someone comes in wanting a Girl Stout (Stout, 6.5% ABV, 24 IBU), knowing you have it and it comes from Orlando Brewing and is one of their signatures, you don’t laugh at them.

Seriously. I just had this happen to me.


Girl Stout by Orlando Brewing

Plus you don’t downplay the beer after I order it, tell me I won’t like it, and ask me if I like Thin Mints.  Everyone likes thin mints, and it’s pretty obvious that the cookie was clearly an inspiration for the beer judging by the name and the fact that the label on the tap handle is mint green.

Sorry, but I had been looking forward to the beer for quite some time and didn’t need the experience to be soured. At least the beer itself did not disappoint at all.

Girl Stout starts off really smooth and creamy, an easy blend of rich, roasted malts with a great undercurrent of coffee and cooca. They further accentuated the cocoa with organic cocoa nibs from local purveyors Good Life to Go.

This organization also supplied the organic peppermint Orlando Brewing used to round out the rest of the beer. If you’re turned off by the concept of mint in a beer, don’t be. It’s light and refreshing, just a hint of minty tang that really works well.

Both the cocoa and the mint were added in the boil, along with Nugget, Fuggle, and Liberty hops. All told, the beer is expertly crafted, incredibly balanced, and worth the wait.

Haters are dumb.

Drink Florida Craft,




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