Events – Mass Confusion 2 (with Don’t Get Confused treatments) at SaltWater Brewery @saltwaterbrewer

One of the South Florida beer festivals that is rapidly starting to become one of my favorites is SaltWater Brewery’s Mass Confusion, a celebration of their Belgian Tripel Don’t Get Confused.

Over 20 different treatments of DGC are released, as well as treatments, collaborations, and guest tapping of other beers. It’s a good time, and doesn’t turn into the craziness you get at some of the bigger beer festivals in the area.

While this is only the second year of the event, it’s growing and had quite the lineup of local breweries bringing their own beers as well. I’ll get to them in later posts, but there were enough exciting treatments of DCG that we wanted to cover those exclusively:


Confused in the Morning (Belgian Tripel, 11% ABV) ­ Don’t Get Confused with the addition of belgian waffles, maple, and coffee. Real belgian waffles, too. The mother­-in-­law of head brewer Dustin Jeffers owns a local ice cream shop and makes those for the beer.

This isn’t a light beer. It’s sweet and rich and thick with awesome, incredible flavors. Very heavy, but well worth it.


Tequila Sunrise (Belgian Tripel, 11% ABV) ­ Don’t Get Confused with the additions of pineapple and cherry, then aged on tequila­soaked oak chips. Fruity and light (as light as a triple will ever get), with just the lightest tang of tequila. I was happy about this, as i’m not a big tequila fan. The
oak lends an additional vanilla character to the beer.

Painkiller (Belgian Tripel, 11% ABV) ­- I know the drink, but I still had to look it up. Basically, it’s like a Screwdriver with coconut. So with this treatment of Don’t Get Confused, in came the OJ and coconut, kinda like a really killer mimosa. Juicy sweet, and delicious as anything.


M’Amaretto (Belgian Tripel, 11% ABV) ­ Don’t Get Confused aged on Amaretto soaked oak
chips, produced in collaboration with Micro­Mammoth Brewing (which is a few current/former SaltWater brewery guys striking out on their own). I love amaretto, and this beer did not disappoint at all. Sweet, and the amaretto blended beautifully with the heavy malt bill. Nice and thick.

Trust me, there was more available. So much more, but there’s only so many double­-digit ABV beers one guy can handle in a day. At least there’s next year, as hopefully more people will be able to come out and visit this gem of a beer festival.

Drink Florida Craft,


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