Brew Review – Radler by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing

This is, honestly, the first time I’ve written about a radler on the blog.

A radler, for the uninitiated, is only half beer. It’s usually a blonde-ish ale that has been mixed with a fruit juice, usually grapefruit juice.

I haven’t heard of too many Florida breweries doing this, and then Due South had to go an can a Radler (Radler, 3.6% ABV) of their own, and it’s incredibly good.


Apparently, the Due South team themselves can’t stop drinking it.

For the base beer, they used a slightly reworked Craft American Lager, a fantastic beer in its own right. To that, drums of locally-sourced grapefruit juice are added, making a big, fruity, juicy concoction.

Sure, there’s some malty sweetness and a light, light touch of hops, but you’re drinking a radler. It’s meant to be more fruit forward than a normal beer.

I have to wonder how well it would be as a mixer. I’ll never know, since the beer is so good straight why would I want to add anything to it?

Except maybe an OJ radler? Hmmm…..

Drink Florida Craft,



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