Brew Review – High Stepper IPA by Crooked Can Brewing

I’m pretty sure the federal government requires every new brewery in the country has at least one IPA in the works before issuing their license.

That makes my job as a beer blogger less about if a brewery has an IPA and more about how that IPA is.

It’s a tough life.

So today on the IPA train is Crooked can from Winter Garden. Their entry is High Stepper (IPA, 7% ABV, 100 IBU), adorned, as always, with their mascot McSwagger.


I’m not totally sure I believe the 100 IBUs with a smooth and easy to drink as this beer is. For a hop bomb, the earthy hops are nicely inviting and the bitterness is assertive, not aggressive.

Malts are kept light and, in essence, serve as a supporting player to the herbal hop bouquet.

If a brewery is federally mandated to offer an IPA, at least Crooked Can has a good one on their hands.

Drink Florida Craft,



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