Brew Review – Salty Buddha by SaltWater Brewery/Funky Buddha

Some brewers aren’t interested in collaborations, some love them, and there are some that will do them, but don’t make a point of going absolutely crazy.

Two of those that fit into the last category are Delray Beach’s SaltWater Brewery and Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery, in separate counties but only 30 minutes away.

If you’re at this point in the article and you haven’t figured out they did a collaboration, you are sad and should cry salty tears. Salty, like their Salty Buddha (Gose, 3.45% ABV) which is now on tap at SaltWater’s tap room.


Salty Buddha by SaltWater Brewer and Funky Buddha

Salty is definitely right. It’s a gose, and goses (Gosii? Gosa?) are meant to have a salty kick to them, but this beer with its local sea salt, has a big saline kick.

You might want that, since there’s a deliciously sour punch hiding in the light straw-colored haziness. it’s not necessarily fruity or sweet, but it packs a pucker punch.

As for the sweetness, or lack thereof, it was fermented dry with a champagne yeast. There’s a crispness the yeast brings to the brew, and that quality helps to round put a lot of the other flavors.

If memory serves me right, this is the first collaboration between these two breweries. If they’ve done more, they certainly haven’t been trumpeting them from the mountaintops.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

Drink Florida Craft,




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