Brew Review – Goliath #10 by Sailfish Brewing @sailfishbrewing

It has been far too long since i’ve been to Sailfish Brewing in Ft. Pierce. I absolutely love the place, and they’ve always had excellent beers. It’s really adorable, too.

I also know they’re good friends of Delray’s SaltWater Brewery. So when I was at SaltWater’s recent Mass Confusion event, I was sorta hoping they would invite their Ft. Pierce friends down for the party.

Which they did, of course. And Sailfish brought some timed releases, the last of which was Goliath #10 (Imperial Stout, 13% ABV).

So good. So, so good. And I generally don’t like Russian Imperial Stouts too much, but this one didn‘t have the overly astringent alcohol burn some others do. It was a good deal smoother and softer, but still exploded with great rich notes of roasted malt and dark fruit.

The adjuncts were even better. Trader Jim’s Coffee and hazelnut were added, both of which lent a fantastic, meaty sweetness to the beer. The coffee helped to add a delicious dimension to the roasted malts, and the hazelnut gave a great flavor and aftertaste.

I’m hoping I don’t have to wait until another beer festival to try their beers again. 

Drink Florida Craft,


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