Brew News for 5-20-16 @concretebeachfl @saltwaterbrewer @pawbeer and more

Good morning! It’s a busy Friday; here’s what’s going on:

Tonight is Swyngwood in Wynwood.


It’s a big event featuring hot rods, burlesque, pop-up shops, and Swyngwood Ale, an orange ginger pale ale from Infected Brewery. Head to for more details.
Pinellas Ale Works opens today!


All weekend long, there will be events, food trucks, and a special ceremony with St. Petersburg mayor Rick Kriseman today at 2:30 PM.


I’ll be publishing details of my recent visit soon, but if you’re in the area, definitely check them out!
On May 22nd, Concrete Beach Brewery in Miami will be releasing Cerveza La Tropical, the beer responsible for 60% of all domestic beer sales in Cuba before the revolution.


The beer being enjoyed by Al Capone

Concrete Beach partnered with Three Palms Holdings whose CEO, Manny Portuondo, is the great, great grandchild of Havana landowner Federico Kohly, upon whose land the Cerveza La Tropical brewery was built.

On the 22nd, Concrete Beach will celebrate with the beer, hand rolled cigars, authentic Cuban Lechon, and more.


Grayton Beer Co. in Santa Rosa Beach is re-releasing their 30A Blonde Ale as Beach Permit Blonde Ale, a new canned beer.


With the beer cans, Grayton drinkers will finally, legally be able to enjoy Grayton beer on the beach (glass bottles aren’t allowed on the beach, FYI).

The new cans hit the market yesterday in North Florida, with distribution to the surrounding states later this summer.


At this point, pretty much everyone has seen the new edible six pack rings from SaltWater Brewery. If you haven’t, these new six pack rings are 100% biodegradeable, compostable, and edible. They were created in conjunction with We Believers in New York and manufactured by a startup company based in Mexico.


The new rings underwent months of stress testing and are now as strong as a traditional plastic six-pack ring. Plus, the materials used in the rings basically comprise of the leftover malt that is usually thrown away or shipped out to farmers as compost and feed.


Expect to see these on Saltwater’s six packs of Sea Cow Milk Stout and Screamin’ Reels IPA within a few months.

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