Brew Review – Kumkuat Hefeweizen by Motorworks Brewing @motorworksbrew

Motorworks Brewing is a particularly interesting brewery built in an old Hudson dealership in bradenton, just north of Sarasota on the gulf coast.

It was some time ago that I sampled a flight of their core beers, and now those beers are being canned and are showing up across the state. Good for Motorworks, but as a beer blogger, I need something different.

I finally grabbed something different from them, in so many senses of the word: a ripe, delicious Kumquat Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen, 5.9% ABV).


Kumquat Hefeweizen by Motorworks Brewing

I know it’s a bit redundant to label a beverage as ‘juicy,’ but this hefe definitely fits the bill. It’s exploding with lots of big, ripe fruit flavors, very tangy and zippy. It’s not a sweet fruitiness like apple or grape, and it’s not mellow and meaty like plum or raisin. It’s more like a SweetTart without excessive sugariness.

And yes, all of the classic Hefeweizen characteristics are there as well. Big aroma of banana and clove with the flavor to match (albeit slightly more electric because of the kumquat). All of this is with a hazy, bright yellow color.

It’s a heck of a beer to get back into tasting Motorworks with, but the wait was well worth it.

Drink Florida Craft,


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