Brew Review – Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter by Big Top Brewing @bigtopbrewco

It’s pretty well established that the majority of wines are purchased based primarily on the label art. I’m starting to believe that brewers are doing the same things with their beer labels. Which is why I want to direct you to the label for Big Top Brewing’s Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter (Porter, 6.8% ABV), designed by Alizon Studios.


Just the label is gorgeous, and seems to increase in depth and detail the more you look at it. I would love it as a phone wallpaper.

Rest assured, however, the beer inside is doubly as good as the gorgeous label they gave to the bomber.

The coffee beans in the coffee porter were roasted in Sarasota (Big Top’s hometown) by Java Dawg, and sent to the brewery later that day. Literally that day. According to the team at Big Top, the brewery smelled amazing that day.

The coffee flavors were nice and smooth, just a little sweet with touches of robust meatiness. The coconut in with the beer gave an extra tropical dimension of flavor with a light and soft hint of candy in the background.

Malt was, in a word, correct. It was just the right amount of roasted malts to be the perfect blend of bready, deep flavors with a slight touch of cocoa and more coffee to further the flavors.

It’s just so good. And as it was the first coconut coffee beer I’ve had, it’s definitely going to make me want to search out more.

Regardless of how pretty the label looks.

Drink Florida Craft,


One thought on “Brew Review – Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter by Big Top Brewing @bigtopbrewco

  1. I tried Hawaiian Lion for the first time last night. The label is cool if it’s making fun of itself/ artistic style but I didn’t get that impression. It’s kinda cheesy. As a matter of fact, the label almost turned me off from the beer. Well, that and I am not a fan of a Big Top’s Conch Republic Key Lime Wheat.

    Hawaiian Lion was so good that I got in my car today and went to the Publix I picked it up in, and bought another 6 pack. It is a very complex porter. I am not a beer snob, but I’m no noob either so take my review for what it’s worth.

    I tasted roasted coffee and malts and smooth coconut flavors. It finishes very, very smoothly especially considering the ABV. As far as mouthfeel, it’s silky and creamy. Very easy to drink but so tasty that you wouldn’t want to chug it like a session beer.

    Hawaiian Lion made me a fan of Big Top Brewery. Looking forward to trying other beers of theirs.


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