Vicious V Release Party at Twisted Trunk @kvjshow #kvjbeer

After many months of discussion and prep, the first KVJ beer is ready for release!


VIcious V, a mint watermelon saison, is being brewed by Fran Andrewelevich and the team at Twisted Trunk, and will be first released at Twisted tomorrow, June 2nd, from 6 to 8 PM. It’s named for Virginia Sinicki, part of the Kevin, Virginia, and Jason show, currently broadcasting weekday mornings on 97.9 WRMF out of West Palm Beach.


Virginia Sinicki, aka Vicious V.

The beer is a Belgian-style saison brewed with Minnesota white wheat and oat malts, which will give the beer a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. It was conditioned on watermelon, regular mint, and spearmint, and also contains notes of clove and other spices.


I spoke to Virginia to get the insider scoop on Vicious V, Little Smiles, and a little trash talking.

How did you decide on a mint watermelon saison?

I wanted to make it something fresh and fun. Originally they thought about adding a little jalapeno to the beer, but I didn’t think it was right. Jason (Pennington), in particular, hates anything jalapeno. We went back and forth on a few other fruits, but the flavors felt like they sat on top of each other.

With the mint, it felt so refreshing. I think we really nailed it.

What was the process of creating your own beer like? Did you learn anything interesting?

It was really about tasting different combinations and flavors. Really, the experts at Twisted Trunk did all the hard stuff and all I did was taste beer.

I learned all about different beers and what goes in to make things taste more hoppy, less hoppy. I discovered I like beers less hoppy, more fruity. I like the saison, it just feels light and fresh. I love it for summer, and we’re going to have a hot summer in South Florida.

How was working with Fran Andrewelevich?

Fran was super nice, really laid back, very knowledgeable. He’s the quintessential beer guy.

Where can Vicious V be found?

Other than the release parties, it will be distributed. Any bar that wants it can ask for it, and Twisted Trunk (distributed through Brown) will be happy to bring a tap. This will go for all of the KVJ beers. It’ll take a couple of weeks to put in rotation.

The KVJ beers will be benefitting Little Smiles. What is that?

Little Smiles is a local, hands-on charity that services children in local hospitals and shelters, dealing with adverse situations. They work through nurses or social workers and identify children with needs (An iPad, or go to Disney when they are finished with chemotherapy). They are very customized based on what will make that child smile.

They don’t do medical bills, mortgages, etc. If a child is ill, displaced, or something that makes them sad or unable to smile like a regular kid, Little Smiles will help.

At Christmas we adopted so many families, foster children, children in homeless shelters. It’s really nice to see the expansion of the mission. Any kids in a less fortunate situation should be able to smile and be a kid again.

How are the KVJ beers going to benefit Little Smiles?

Any of the people going to a KVJ beer event will be able to buy merch. All proceeds will go to Little Smiles. We will be selling T-Shirts and etched pint glasses. Plus, if you get a pint glass at the Twisted Trunk release event, you will get a dollar off coupon for the first fill. 

How can people get involved with Little Smiles?

If you go to, people can donate, sign up to volunteer, see our events (annual golf tournament, Stars Ball in Feb., monthly events, and fundraisers). There are opportunities for offices to come together and volunteer as an office. So many other ways to support Little Smiles other than coming out to the beer event.

Do you think Vicious V will be more popular than the other KVJ beers?

It will always be a rivalry as to who of the four of us (Virginia, Jason, show host Kevin Rolston, and Producer Dennys) will sell the most beer. Since I can drink the most beer, I predict I will sell the most beer. It’s simple math. (laughs)

Other than the Twisted Trunk release party tomorrow, Vicious V release parties will be from 6 to 8 PM at the following places: June 9th at Bennys on the Beach, June 16th at Mulligans, June 23rd at Burger and Beer Joint, and June 30th at Craft Bar Kitchen.

Enjoy, support Little Smiles, and Bigfoot is Real!

Drink Florida Craft,


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