Brew Review – Drex the Lactosaurus Rex by Inoculum Ale Works

A lot of the time, I review beers that you can only get at a high-end beer retailer located in a specific section of Florida. And then sometimes I review beers that never leave the brewery they were brewed in.

Today, everyone in the country has the chance to order this beer and have it to their house in 1-2 days. Tops.

And there’s a dinosaur on the label. Namely, Drex the Lactosaurus Rex (Berliner Weisse, 3.4% ABV, 13 IBU) from Inoculum Ale Works.


Inoculum’s overarching game plan, as told to me by founder/brewer Nick Moensch, is to produce a line of high-quality sours in his Spring Hill facility, then mail them across the country, directly into the hands of beer drinkers.

Drex is his flagship, an immensely approachable Berliner that is sour enough to give the palate a little kick, but is an easy entry into the wide world of sour beers that doesn’t leave someone thinking they just drank vinegar.

It’s very light and fruity, with a pale straw color and a light carbing that adds a little pep to the citric qualities of the beer. With Drex, like any other quality sour, hops and malt are a bit lighter. It’s the yeast that is important here, and Nick does a great job with using it in crafting a flavorful, but soft and inviting beer.

It’s infinitely drinkable, and very perfect for Florida summer drinking. This would be a great beach or cookout beer.

If you want Drex, all you need to do is go to Inoculum’s web site and order. And it will be to you.

Finally, everyone gets to taste the beer I’m enjoying. Very excited about this.

Drink Florida Craft,


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