Brew Review – A Purple Island by Islamorada Beer Co. @islamoradabeer

I have a particular affinity for today’s beer, since it was released on (and possibly brewed for) the inaugural Florida Craft Beer Day on Feb. 15th. For that, I will always be very thankful to Islamorada Beer Co.

That beer is A Purple Island (IPA, 7.2% 80 IBU), and the name makes a lot more sense than you might think.


You see, Islamorada’s name loosely translates to ‘Purple Isle.’ And no one really knows why early Spanish explorers called it that, but that’s the name that stuck with this Middle Keys village. The other funny think that Islamorada Beer Co. is quick to mention is that if you take the initials of the beer and reverse them, you get the beer style.

A Purple Island – API – IPA. Boom.

The beer is really, really good, too. The moment you see how deep and caramel brown the beer is, you can definitely tell you are in for something special. It may not be immediately apparent from the balanced citric aroma.

The flavor is incredibly complex, though. Soft, earthy notes of hop bitterness blend nicely with a big caramel and biscuit maltiness. That sweetness does a lot when it comes to cutting aggressive hop bitterness.

The end product is a very bouncy IPA that is deep enough for IPA drinkers, but approachable enough for other drinkers. It’s a great reason to head to the Keys.

While you’re there, do a little research on the name, could you?

Drink Florida Craft,


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