Brewery Visit – Twisted Trunk

Twisted Trunk is the second brewery from Fran Andrewelevich and Matt Webster, the creators of South Florida’s 1st microbrewery Tequesta Brewing. But Twisted Trunk is much more than a rebranded Tequesta.


As their sales guru Jason let me know, Twisted was intended to feature its own beers and its own image and style.

They’re doing a great job of it, too. With the exception of Der Chancellor on tap and a few bottles of barleywine for sale, it’s all Twisted on tap. With beers like their flagship IPGA and the incredible Watermelon Saison, beer drinkers will be just fine.


The brewery is a lot more ‘on-stage’ than it may appear, and getting there early when the work lights are still on will show you that those pretty fermentation tanks with the green uplights are the actual fermentation tanks, and that tall silver thing behind the foudre is part of their 15 BBL brewhouse.



The tap room is finished in a gorgeous, dark wood with big, comfy armchairs as well. My beautiful wife and I definitely enjoyed hanging out there with our companions, and it’s a wonderful place to have a beer in my hand, my wife by my side, and my daughter fast asleep in my arms.



Yes, I took a picture of the keg urinals.

There’s a pretty solid lineup of beers there as well, many of which I’ve written about before. Some, however, are new to me, which is always more interesting. Here’s some of what I got to try:


Shot in the Dark by Twisted Trunk

Shot In The Dark (Baltic Stout, 6.3% ABV, 52 IBU) – So, so delicious, and it’s on nitro, too. The beer is thick and rich with big, warm molasses and dark bread notes. There’s a wonderful coffee current in the beer, thanks to the generous addition of Guatemalan coffee roasted by Oceana, not too terribly far away.


Finn McCool by Twisted Trunk

Finn McCool (Irish Red, 5.2% ABV) – A rich, malty sweet Irish Red. low, but present hops give an otherwise caramel flavor profile a little kick.


Rasta Stout by Twisted Trunk

Rasta Stout (Stout, 5.6% ABV) – Big, bold English stout. There’s a very slight dark fruit quality to the beer, but also big notes of dark roasted malt with a slightly boozy header to it.


Serenity Saison by Twisted Trunk

Serenity Saison (Farmhouse Ale, 4.5% ABV, 18 IBU) – Extremely light, almost ethereal. Light flavors of lemon and orange dance around with a playful hopping and a light malt base. Lightly carbed, this would make an excellent base for treatments.


Admiral Dolan by Twisted Trunk

Admiral Dolan (4.7% ABV, 76 IBU) – The good Admiral is as sunny and fruity as a Florida pale ale should be. Lots of bright and perky citrus notes that pop and dance with a moderately strong hop bitterness.


I’m going to be featuring Twisted a bit more, since they are the home of the new KVJ line of beers. But hopefully they will start spreading their reach and more beer drinkers will start trying their brews for themselves instead of just reading about them.

In the meantime, those couches really are inviting.

Drink Florida Craft,


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