Brew Review – Vicious V by Twisted Trunk @kvjshow

I’ve been listening to the KVJ Show, now on mornings on WRMF and online worldwide, for several years now. My wife likes to tell the story that when she first moved to the area she was switching channels, heard them, and instantly saved the station on her car stereo.

Over the years, my wife got me into the show, and we’ve been able to connect with Kevin, Virginia, and Jason which is pretty cool.

Now that Twisted Trunk is releasing their own line of beers over the coming months, I’ve been pretty excited. Recently my wife, daughter, and I took the drive up to Palm Beach Gardens right to the source to try the first KVJ Beer, Virginia’s own Vicious V (Saison, 4.5% ABV, 18 IBU).


Twisted Trunk fans will notice that Vicious V starts life as a treatment of their own incredible Watermelon Saison. As Virginia told me earlier, they tried to treat it with fruit, but it just wasn’t right. What made it right, however, was treating it with regular mint and spearmint.

That was a good move. The Watermelon Saison on its own is incredibly tasty and light, with a moderate carb and just enough malt and hops to keep the flavor supported.

The mint brings a cool, crystalline chill to the saison. It’s nowhere near being like a mouthwash; more like a light touch of herbal meatiness. Think of how much mint is in a Mojito, it’s like that. It’s not a breath mint, relax.

It’s a perfect summer beer, and hopefully the beer will start getting some much bigger distribution soon to get to more drinkers, KVJ Nation and non-KVJ Nation alike. As for the KVJ beers themselves, the next one up will be Kevin’s Dickie Rantz (which I may or may not have already sampled).

In the meantime, watermelon and mint makes for a good brew.

Drink Florida Craft,


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