Brew Review – Midnight Espresso by Motorworks Brewing @motorworksbrew

What’s interesting is that I was just talking about both Robust Porters and the rise of locally roasted coffee in beers just yesterday.

First, apparently the BJCP is changing the name of the Robust Porter to the American Porter. I’m not totally sure as to why, and I’m mot the biggest fan of the BJCP these days after listening to some really thoughtful complaints from brewers.

Second, everyone is doing coffee beers. No great shock here, but what’s nice is that most brewers are locally sourcing the roasted beans in their beers.

In fact, it might be fair to say that coffee is undergoing the same revolution that craft beer is doing. But I’m not about to start a Florida Coffee Blog.

So let’s take a look at one beer that is A) A Robust/American/Whatever Porter and 2) Made with incredibly close roasted coffee. I’m also really digging the train motif on Midnight Espresso (Robust Porter, 6.5 ABV, 32 IBU).


This is one deep and immensely satisfying beer. Thick and rick dark roasted caramel malts give big notes of chocolate and pumpernickel.

And the coffee? Earthy, lightly sweet and no trace of bitterness at all. What I found interesting, however, is the Sumatra and Sulawesi beans were actually roasted in-house by the Motorworks Brewing staff. I’ve never actually heard of that happening before.

I hope they have enough roastimg capacity to keep up, since Midnight Espresso is goingnto hit cans and wider distribution. Once people get to try it, it’ll fly off shelves.

We can worry about style names later.

Drink Florida Craft,



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