Brewery Visit – Barley Mow Brewing @barleymowbrew

Largo, FL is an interesting little town, or at least the downtown-ish portion of which Bay Street cuts through. Around it is basic Florida urban sprawl, resplendent with motor lodges, retirement communities, gas stations, Publixes, etc.

But when you hit that tiny little section of Largo, it feels like a transplanted New Englander tried to rebuild his hometown in Key West. Brick streets, two-story townhomes with big, walkable patios, a good sized bandstand in the middle, and a Proino Breakfast Club (which might be my favorite breakfast nook in the Bay area).

Not too far from that bandstand, like the impending arrival of doom, stands the olive drab cube and wrought iron patio of Barley Mow Brewing.


Or, at least the tap room. The production facility is maybe 10 minutes away, but is closed to the public. So the tap room it is, and the interior would be right at home in any English pub. It’s dark and cosy, with lots of rich wood and a ton of decorations everywhere alluding to Barley Mow’s core beers.


Lots of crows. So many crows.

There’s the prerequisite bombers available for pick up, plus a healthy crowd, even for a mid-week afternoon. And, as to be expected, there was a wonderful lineup of exclusive beers that I’m not sure ever leave Bay St. if any of these beers are no longer on Tap, I do apologize:


Wendigo (Dark European Common, 6.5% ABV) – Big dark malty aromas. It’s also got a wonderful flavor full of plum and raisin flavors.


Lamp Lighter (Amber Ale, 6.2% ABV) – There was a wonderful caramel aroma. The flavor is nicely balanced between big hop and sweet malt flavors.


Reynard (Biere de Garde, 7.4% ABV) – This French strong ale has a big, earthy bouquet, resplendent with a floral hop nose and strong, biscuity malts.


Tassel Twirler (Blonde Ale) – It’s a fruity beer, so the name fits so beautifully. This blonde ale is brewed with raspberries and Madagascar vanilla, and the beer starts and finishes with a big, sweet candy kick.


It’s a shame it’s so far away from me, but Barley Mow (and Largo itself) can make for a nice, quiet, enjoyable afternoon in Pinellas County. With crows.

Drink Florida Craft,


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