Brew Review – Castaway Blonde Ale by Black Point Brewing @blackpointbrew

It is time, dear readers, to talk about my favorite homebrewer who really needs an investor, Luis at Black Point Brewery. I’m really excited for him, since it looks like things are really looking up for him, being pulled into events and beer dinners across Miami-Dade County.

I got a few of his new beers. One is still aging a bit, at his request. The other one which was ready to go was his Castaway Session Ale (Blonde Ale, 4.6% ABV, 33 IBU), an English Bitter that conforms to BJCP 12a if that’s really something you happen to be interested in.


I’ve started to realize that I enjoy a good, solid bitter. And Castaway is definitely a solid bitter, with a light malty undertone and a solid bitter flavor that seems strong, but doesn’t seem to be overly hoppy. It’s got a great, quiet, unassuming mature flavor that is perfect for a hot Florida day.

Luis is going to be entering Castaway in a few contests soon, and I would strongly encourage people to find out where they will be and get a sample.

And get this man some funding.

Drink Florida Craft,


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