Brew Review – Dessert Room by Coppertail Brewing @coppertail

Easily my favorite beer from Tampa’s Coppertail Brewing is their Night Swim Porter. Apparently it can get a little difficult to find in Central Florida, and I know people that have come down by me to get six-packs they can’t get by them.

But how do you plus an already good porter?

That’s easy. Chocolate.

That’s not to say that Dessert Room (Porter, 7.3% ABV) is just a treated Night Swim, but it is to say that Coppertail makes a darn good porter.


And, of course, if it is a treated Night Swim, then Coppertail is brilliant for doing so. Creative, too, since the chocolate used has a very deep, dark quality to it.

It’s not a soft and simple milk chocolate flavor. And it’s not a roasted malt with a chocolate note flavor. It’s more of a “I went to Whole Foods and got a $5 chocolate bar that has an endangered animal on the packaging” flavor.

Pair that with a velvety mouthfeel and a soft, clean aroma, and you get a very simple, very flavorful, and very satisfying brew.

And if it’s still a little difficult to find, then don’t blame me.

(Update: According to Coppertail, it is a different recipe from Night Swim. Long story short, Coppertail makes great porters.)

Drink Florida Craft,


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