Brew Review – All Saints Einbecker Ale by Castle Church Brewing Community @churchbrew

Martin Luther (who, let’s be honest, kinda looks like a clean shaven Jack Black) was a German professor and one of the most influential figures in the Catholic Church and its reformation in the early to mid 1500’s. His emphasis against indulgences and posting of the famous 95 Theses is deep, profound, and probably better suited to another writer.

Luther was also a beer drinker, because Germany, and wrote a lot about this favorite beer. He liked beer, and would receive kegs of beer as gifts on a regular basis. The beer he loved the most is classically referred to as an Einbecker, according to upcoming brewery and Lutheran church Castle Church Brewing Community.


The Einbecker would eventually evolve into the Bock, but not without a number of changes to the style and its taste.

This church and brewery, which is currently accepting donations for their facility construction by the way, researched not only Luther’s writings about his favorite beer, recipes and brewing techniques used in Germany in the 1500’s, and more to develop their signature All Saints Einbecker Ale (Einbecker, 6.7% ABV, 25 IBU).


It’s quite delicious, if not a bit rough. Adhering to a 500-year old brewing technique means you don’t get to play with all of the bright, shiny equipment modern brewers take for granted, and it’s nice to see that Castle Church decided to pay homage to history rather than make a slick, over-flavored IPA with a goofy marketing stamp on it.

Imagine an imperial brown ale. Take away some of the chocolate qualities from a roasted malt, and add in fresh herbs and spices, so fresh and raw that you can not only taste the leaves, but even a bit of the branches they were harvested from.

To that, add a strong, herbal hoppiness with most of the alpha acidity taken out. Make it strong and finish it with obvious care and reverence to the person for whom it was inspired, and that’s what it’s like to drink All Saints. It’s a fantastic step back in time, and one I can see myself drinking a lot of once production can ramp up.


You can help that. On their website is a link to everything they have going on their fundraising drive. Yes, they’re a church, and yes, there are references to religion. But they’re remarkably all inclusive, and in their words the church isn’t necessary. If you want to enjoy them for the beer, that’s great by them.

Take a look, donate, spread the word. The have more coming, but I’m going to enjoy this beer on its own for the time being.

Because Germany.

Drink Florida Craft,


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