Brewery Visit – Palm Harbor Brewing 

To say Palm Harbor is exploding in breweries is a slight understatement, since they have 3 within a 6 or so minute walk of each other right now. The most enigmatic of these, however, is the eponymous Palm Harbor Brewing.

It’s housed in the same converted home as Two Lions Winery, and both are owned and operated by the nice woman known simply as Rose.

Rose was behind the bar when I arrived along with Nick from Inoculum Ale Works.

Along with apparent long-time fan and patron, a guy named Ryan, we grabbed a flight and got an earful (from Ryan, Rose is fairly quiet) about the history of the facility.

The winery came first, opening in 2009. She imports her grapes and makes everything in a small facility located in another building behind the bar.

Brewing came a bit later for her, and apparently she uses a small brewing system she rolls out on brew days. Past that, little was given, but she had a lengthy tap list for such a small operation. Our flight of four included:

Tropic (Cream Ale, 6% ABV) – Wonderfully sweet orange cream ale, with big aroma and notes of fresh oranges with a nice vanilla undercurrent.

Bodega Porter (Porter, 9% ABV) – According to Ryan, this is their signature beer. It has a big coffee nose, with some delightful malt flavors and a hint of fruitiness on the back end.

Dominator (Dopplebock, 7.5% ABV) – It was nice and strong, with some clean malt flavors and a hint of dark sugar & molasses.

Pink Pils (Pilsner) – A very clean and inviting pilsner, low on hop character.

Unfortunately, that’s as much as I know. You can even see them from the newly opened de Bine Brewing, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m glad I went, and I never really got to try any of the wines (apart from a few wine slushie samples Ryan had Rose give us), but the beers were quality and quite tasty.

An enigma, indeed.

Drink Florida Craft,




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