Brew Review – Babalu by MIA Brewing @miabeerco

​Even if you don’t practice Santeria (sorry, had to), there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the religion. As a system of beliefs, it merges Indigenous American and Christian images and ideas with Yoruba traditions brought to the New World by Yoruba slaves. 

Somewhat less likely, but still entirely possible, is that you’ve heard of the song Babalu, written by Margarita Lecuona in the 30’s. Here it is, sung by the man that popularized it in the United States, Desi Arnaz:

By the way, Babalu Aye (the Santerian deity the song is about) is not only the source of the world’s infectious diseases, but also the chief architect of their cures.  

Maybe that’s why there’s so many good fruits and veggies in Babalu (Berliner Wiesse, 3.5% ABV) from MIA Brewing – they’re looking out for us Florida craft beer drinkers. Aren’t they good people?


And by fruits and veggies, I mean 200 lbs. of carrots, 150 lbs. of oranges, and ginger. It’s what V8 should be. 

Being an excellent Berliner Weisse, it’s got a tasty tartness that is light, but incredibly vibrant. And yes, there’s a light citrus flavor, and a very faint meatiness that could be nice and carroty.  The ginger, however, locks hands with the yeasty sharpness and together they dance to the beat of the conga drums. 

It’s a vibrant, quintessentially Miami beer. Wonderful and very light and tasty. 

And doesn’t involve religions at all. But listening to Ricky Ricardo might help. 
Drink Florida Craft,




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