Brew Review – Summer ’16 at 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

​3 Daughters in St. Pete is quite the hopping place on a Friday night. Their new stage looks really nice, there were a lot of people and families all over the place, tons of games, and I finally got to meet co-owner Leigh Harting. 

I just felt bad for her, since she was running around putting out tons of fires (Busy Friday night, remember?). Since I was there with my wife and daughter, Leigh gave us a nice rundown of some of the particularly awesome things that are coming down the pipeline for them. 

3 Daughters can now be found in 90 Target stores in Florida (why can’t my local Targets get craft beer?), They are in the running for 2016 Startup Business of the Year by the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, and they are going back to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, this year with Bimini Twist IPA. 

Now the last time my wife was there, she was still pregnant and, as such, could not partake anything that 3 Daughters had available. This time, however, she was able to enjoy. So, as she had a Nitro Queen’s Court Strawberry Blonde, I grabbed a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Black Tip Porter (Porter, 7.8% ABV, 23 IBU) and took a picture so bad I couldn’t post it. 

And as much as we both liked the blonde, my wife is definitely a porter lady, and I soon lost my porter. I guess it was to be expected, since not only does 3 Daughters have a great, rich, malt-forward porter, but it also had a strong, chewy bourbon flavor that brings a heady feel to the beer. I’d stick with the one pint, personally. Wow. 

Not to be afraid of the strong stuff, we also had a Belgian Strong (Belgian Strong), which was a fantastic beer very reminiscent of the style. Very heavy, nice and biscuity sweet, and has a great bubble gum belgian yeast undercurrent. Excellent stuff. Also on tap for us that evening: 

Red Mesa (Red Ale) – This isn’t a redo of 3 Daughter’s year-round Rod Bender Red. It’s a different recipe, and is a lot more hop-forward than Rod Bender’s caramely malts. There’s a light roughness on the mothfeel, and a big blast of earthy hop flavors in the aroma and the taste of the beer. 

El Hefe (Hefeweizen, 4.6% ABV, 10 IBU) – El Hefe is a nice midway point from a clean drinking pale wheat ale and a overly fruity hefeweizen. Light malt bill, light color, and a moderate drinking but still smooth fruity quality. Quite refreshing. 

Belgian Tripel (Tripel, 8% ABV) – Belgians! Yay! Once again, 3 Daughters’ brewmaster Ty Weaver expertly crafts a simple, true to style beer that is loaded with the flavors I really enjoy from the style. Makes me very happy. 

I know that 3 Daughters distribution is starting to ramp up, and they’re pretty much statewide at this point, but I never knew how much fun the brewery can be, especially on a Friday night. 

Should I just move to St. Pete at this point?

Drink Florida Craft,




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