Brew Review – Dicky Rantz by Twisted Trunk & KVJ Show @kvjshow

It’s becoming quite nice how much the Kevin Ralston, the beady-eyed Buckeye-loving host of WRMF’s KVJ Show. Heck, a good portion of their After The Show podcast was spent talking about the exploding world of Florida craft beer (and having his co-host, perpetual man-child Jason Pennington, talk about beer geeks). 

The KVJ Show crew at Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest. Kevin Rolston is far left with the double guns.

If you read the blog, but not necessarily listen to their show, you will still know they are coming out with a line of beers in partnership with Fran Andrewelevch and company at Twisted Trunk Brewing. 

Some weeks ago, I went out with my wife and daughter to meet with Kevin and his wife Kim and help do a little planning on the KVJ Beers. That is where we finalized and sampled the second beer in the KVJ beer series, the one named for Kevin himself, Dicky Rantz (Stout, 5.5% ABV).

The core of the beer is, in essence, a Black and Tan. Black and red, really. 

It’s a blend of two pretty great beers from Twisted Trunk, Finn McCool Irish Red and Rasta Stout. Jason from Twisted Trunk blended it right there for us, but it got its first real release at the recent Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest. 

A lot of people were enjoying the beer (Kevin most of all), and it’s easy to see why. The beer brings in the dark, coffee-forward roasted malts in the Rasta Stout and the smooth, caramel sweetness from Finn McCool. It’s got a very low hop bitterness, a wonderfully bready aroma, and a clean finish. 

For as much as Kevin can be a pain when he gets going on a topic, the beer is great. And we helped to decide on some of the glassware for the KVJ Beers. We don’t need glasses, but had to buy the one pictured above. And proceeds benefit Little Smiles, so how could you go wrong?

Dicky Rantz doesn’t get the full release until September, but South Florida beer drinkers can try some at the Craft Beer Bash at the PGA Resort and Spa coming very soon. 

And if Kevin can punish Jason for mocking craft beer geeks and losing the Bigfoot sippy cup my wife got him, that would be nice.  

Drink Florida Craft,




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