Brew Review – Tip-Ta-Tip by Funky Buddha & Shorts Brewing @funkybuddhabrew

​Another beer blogger once told me that when I started Florida Beer Blog, almost every other beer I reviewed came from the Funky Buddha’s Oakland Park brewing facility.

Fair criticism. I kinda felt that way at times, too.

Since then, the blog has grown so voraciously that I really can’t remember the last time I wrote about them. It’s not that I don’t like them anymore (I do). I just have a statewide focus  on an industry that, frankly speaking, is exploding.

So it was time to head back. After a quick selfie session with my daughter, it was time to enjoy Tip-Ta-Tip (Gruit, 10% ABV), their collaboration with Shorts Brewing.

I think this might have been my first gruit. FYI, a gruit (not the fruit my tablet keeps wanting to change the word to) is a beer that is flavored with herbs, not the hops we are familiar with today.

So, to further explain, Tip-Ta-Tip is a gruit made by Funky Buddha. It was treated with Florida oranges, rosemary, yarrow (a small flower with a sweet, sometimes slightly bitter taste), then barrel aged. That was then further blended with Shorts Brewing’s Cherry strong ale. 

Long story short, there’s a lot of sweetness going on here. Big, chewy, quite delicious. There’s a strong, heavy bready smell to the beer, peppered slightly with herbal notes. 

The beer itself is incredibly deep, with a prominent cherry quality. Beneath that is an herbal undertone that pops occasionally with a lightly bitter or tea-like quality. 

I was a bit shocked that this beer stuck around long enough for me to try some. It is nowhere near sessionable and will beat you down if you try, but it is still a fantastic brew and worth a try.

I promise I will try to do more from Funky as well. I hope. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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