Brew Review – Slingback by High Heel Brewing @highheelbeer @thebrewhub

​When word dropped about High Heel Brewing a few months ago, they got a fair amount of heat from many in the blogosphere for an apparent sexism behind launching a line of craft beers aimed specifically at women. 

Frankly, I don’t much care. I think there’s a lot of damaging sexism in society that needs to be focused on, and having a 20-year brewing veteran (Kristi McGuire, High Heel’s brewmaster and founder) making a line of craft beers focused on women isn’t part of that. 

I am fully aware that women drink craft beer as much as men do. Heck, my wife enjoys Bourbon County a lot more than I do. The one question I have yet to see anyone ask is this: How is the beer?

In the case of Slingback (Perry, 5.4% ABV, 15 IBU), pretty darn good, indeed. 


So a Perry is (and I had no idea) a pear cider. This is unlike just saying the word cider, which instantly denotes apple. While Slingback isn’t a true Perry, it comes pretty close. 

To that, Kristi and the brewers at Lakeland’s BrewHub (where the beer is brewed and produced) added a dizzying array of passionfruit juices, chamomile, elderflower, and rounded it off with some Hallertauer. 

The really high fruity notes are remarkable. There’s a definite tang on the front of the taste, and that almost immediately gets taken back with a mature, earthy vein coming from the floral adjuncts. It’s very bright and peppy, a lot of which cones from the passionfruit. It’s also deceptively easy to drink. Very smooth and lightly carbed, this beer drinks like a classic Hefeweizen, adding more citrus and floral notes and removing the clove and banana. 

At this point, it should also be available in Publix, Total Wine, and World of Beer locations around the state along with its sister beer, an IPA which I shall review at a later time. Whole Foods and ABC are coming soon. 

And if you’re going to get hung up on social factors, you’re missing out on a good beer. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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